Peter Maloney


I have been working with linear abstractions for the last 2 decades.

My initial gestural abstractions referred to cursive handwriting, often signalling imagined conversations with recently departed souls.

These seemingly spontaneous and expressive works eventually gave way to more structured compositions using templates constructed with the help of photocopiers. For some years the paintings' palettes were restricted to black & white until I began working with highly - keyed colour and texts on paper. The texts in these works carried the conversations present in the former more gestural works. This dialogue related to issues present in my own experience of the world; sometimes personal & private and other times social & political.

It was only a matter of time before I found the need to extend my use of elevated and amplified colour in the larger canvases. I am still using templates made via photocopies.

Peter Maloney has been exhibiting since the early 1980s and his work is included in significant public and private collections, including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Canberra Museum and Art Gallery and Newcastle Art Gallery. The Drill Hall at the ANU in Canberra mounted a survey of his work from the past 30 years in 2018.

Peter Maloney lives and works in Canberra.

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